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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engine Optimization. By the term Search Engine Optimization, it refers to a process of optimizing your website with specific keywords and other factors that will get you maximum organic trafficking. This is the only known un-paid process that gets your website rank on the first page of Google or SERP ( Search Engine Result Page). This not only helps you with your traffic boosting but also gets you more leads.

For a better understanding, let’s think of it like this, whenever you search for something on Google, you would find yourself clicking on the first websites that pop up. This will boost one’s traffic and perhaps even get your ultimate level of sales. In other words, you could say SEO is a robust marketing strategy. This strategy isn’t only limited to online retailers or businesspeople. As the years are going by, the world is getting more and more advanced. The internet has a significant impact on your lives nowadays, and therefore, businesses need to boost up their game into getting maximum sales. They certainly don’t leave any chances. Hence, many local companies opt for SEO as the number one online marketing strategy.

Why do you need to learn SEO?

As discussed earlier, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a fantastic marketing strategy that is hugely beneficial for a business. Whether it’s an e-commerce or a local one, you can never go wrong with SEO. We all know that SEO is a process of getting your website rank on the first page of Google. However, other factors are related to this topic, such as web designing, word-press, and content writing. SEO only works perfectly when you have it all together. Typically people hire SEO specialists to take over their SEO Projects, as SEO may seem very complicated.

But wait, have you ever thought of doing SEO on your own?

Yes, that is 100% possible if you have the dedication and the right SEO training courses. Having to do SEO on your own is not only extremely cost-effective but is also life-changing! If you can get a grip on how SEO works, then surely, no one can stop you from earning those thick figures. This is one of the best fields in the Freelance community that you can look up to; hence, considering an SEO course would surely be a wise move.

Earning opportunity in the fields of SEO

One of the most significant sectors in the freelancing industry is SEO. The reason for its popularity and overgrowing success is the thirst for traffic boosting amongst businesspeople. You would be able to get a clear view of how beneficial this sector can be for you when you learn more about SEO.

You could start up your very own freelance career if you got the skills to it. All you need is the focus, patience, and dedication besides an experienced trainer. There are several jobs that you can get when you can provide SEO services such as Content Writing, Word Press designing, Web designing, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, etc.

If you’ve got the specific skills you need, no one can stop you from starting your freelance business. You can even team up with a bunch of people who are specialists in their fields. This can bring you a lot of success if you give off enough effort and have patience.

There’s a lot of freelancing sites that you can look up to, such as Upwork, fiver, and many more, where you can start your freelance career.

Best SEO tutorial for beginners- Free SEO Bangla Tutorials

There is no doubt that we understand a particular topic better when comprehended in a language that we’re most vulnerable to speaking in. Therefore, Md Faruk Khan has brought you the best SEO tutorials for beginners that, too, are full free of cost.

This is a massive advantage for people who have more substantial bases in Bengali and is more comfortable speaking it. The full courses are going to be in Bengali, and it will serve as a massive benefit for the students as there will be zero to no communication gap or any language barrier. You will find yourself feeling more comfortable and vulnerable, asking questions.

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